Sao Paulo Clinica Nation Walking Tour : Introduction

Are you interested on knowing how to get to those massage houses in the neighborhoods of Moema, Brooklyn and Vila Mariana of Sao Paulo, Brazil ? we’ll you’re in the right place.

Our camera men have walked the entire area during 3 and 4 May 2023 in service hours 1pm-4pm local time, using 4K GoPro action cameras to record in very discrete way and have identified the houses, so together with your favorite map app, you won’t get wrong.

The fronts of the houses that we have recorded are:

  • Clinica Tangara
  • Clinica Red
  • Clinica Miruna
  • Clinica Prime
  • Clinica Abbóbora
  • Clinica dos Carinas
  • Clinica Brooklyn

We’ll will upload a video of each house to our members area in a weekly basis, but if you want to see the video of any of this before we post them, you can access them with our payperview program.

Videos available on our Telegram VIP group only


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