Illusion of Passion with Daniela from Zeus bar

There was this small tour information magazine all over at hotel’s receptions in Sao Paulo back in 2012, where a few nightclubs had advertisements, one of those clubs was Zeus bar, a very strong name tbh for a strip bar in the Moema Neighborhood. So, when i ended my work that Thursday afternoon i picked the magazine and asked for a taxi in the reception. There were no taxi apps by then.

Few minutes later a black taxi showed in the hotel asking for me. I didn’t need to say anything else, just “vamos para o Zeus Club” and the driver took me right there. It was a very short and quick trip from my Campo Belo Hotel. If i only knew it, i would have walked, but the taxi driver was happy, he surely got a commission for taking me to the club. It was R 200 with no consumables. Remember it was 2012 so i think it was kind of expensive.

Inside the club around 10pm, it was very dark and very few girls were in the bar, but i was not in a hurry. There was loud techno music i heard in the Caribbean a lot. The bad thing is the waiter made me order a very expensive drink… so the thing started to feel like a rip off place. There was a slim girl performing a tube an unclassy dance i didn’t like at all.

And suddenly, there was this ebony hot young girl sitting alone in one of those reddish tables, dressing a black tight miniskirt and high heels with a precious shiny perfect smile that hooked me instantly. Her name was Daniela. So i went straight to her, for me the hunting was just over. Only few seconds after i took my seat, a waiter showed up again and Daniela ordered another expensive drink, but i didn’t complain this time. She was very very fun and i was sure we were going to get along very well.

The final count was around : R200 entrance + R50 my drink (black russian) + R70 her pina colada + R100 fee for the house + R400 for her full service + R25 Taxi + R45 Taxi = R890

Only 30 minutes later we were heading back to my hotel and i was really having a great time kissing her in the back seat of the taxi and placing my hands in her thong and feeling her pussy getting wet. She had a very juicy and fleshy pair of legs and great ass.

Once in my room i started to make the first pics of the night, because i told her so, she was posing very sexy with my shirt (square patterns). She was feeling very comfortable posing for me, so was i. Then she suddenly told me the shoot was over and it was time for sex. She locked my camera in the closet and then she took my pants off and made me a very gentle BJ in the sofa… she was so good at it, then i took her against the wall and we kissed for long minutes meanwhile she was wanking my dick and i was finger fucking her. Oh yeah, the sex was going to be very girlfriend style.

During the next hour we fucked from very romantic and gentle to very strong and powerful. She had a great GREAT ass which i finished in doggy style. I stayed on the bed nude with the legs open super relaxed meanwhile she was dressing and getting ready to leave, unfortunately we could not smoke, the room had those smoke sensors that look like hidden cams a lot. When she was giving me the goodbye kiss, i proposed her to stay and do a shoot in the morning, so she could do a little extra money. She gave it a very fast thought and said : OK ! so for another R400 she would stay, have breakfast together and make our shoot in the morning. And maybe one more fuck, all inclusive!

As we both were tired, we fell sleep very quick. The morning after, when she was still sleeping, i took the camera and made a few pics of the scenery. She was 20 y/o and her clothes were from 20 y/o brazilian funky style girl.

My dick was hard again and i seated on the bed next to Dan. I kissed her chicks until she woke up… my dick against her ass. She was kind of lazy at first but she suddenly turned to me and kissed me so hard and her tongue was so long… it penetrated my mouth very deep. And we fucked again. It was around 8am and it was fantastic because at the final penetration i placed her legs on my shoulders and pumped her from above very very hard until we both came.

She had a lovely smile. That’s when i realized she had two very deep scars. One in the very ass.

After taking a shower (not together) we went to have breakfast to the 12th floor restaurant where we really looked like BF and GF, she was so funny picking the food in small dishes while she was talking over the phone for long minutes.

When we finished our buffet breakfast, she told me we should hurry with the shoot because she had to be somewhere at 11am. So i said Dan “Ok ! let’s work”. And i started to make shoots of her right there in the pool of the hotel next to the restaurant, then we went back to the room, but before, a few sexy fun pics in the elevator.

The rest of the shoot speaks for itself. You can see it i’m not kidding when i said those legs were pure flesh.

There it goes R400 plus for our hot photo and video shoot you can purchase by sending us an email at : or by filling out the form at the end of this page. You can purchase all or a part of the production for your personal view. UNCENSORED.

The only bad thing is that Daniela simply disappeared after the shoot, even her phone number was wrong. The earth simply swallowed her because she was a certain pleasure to repeat.

Yes, illusion of passion !