Antho, the brunette from Café Photo in the jacuzzi.

It was December and Sao Paulo was getting warmer and rainy, perfect tropical nights. It was a wednesday night and i arrived around 10pm to Café Photo on the Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue (Hangar JK as the name on the old credit card bills), the old house before pandemics.

I was drinking a beer alone in one of those comfortable tables on the second floor with a magnificent view to the first floor and scenery and two or three girls approached to my table and tried to make eye contact with me. Two of them were ok, but i decided to wait a bit more. I was not in any hurry.

Then this tall brunette, dressed in black miniskirt and black and white stripes blouse, pases by heading to the balcony without looking at me. When she got to the railing of the balcony, she lifted her body and leaned forward towards the dance floor like defying the gravity, bending over and showing her lovely ass under that miniskirt. It was simply perfect and i was instantly hooked by her killer move. So when she turned to me, i called her and she came to my table and shared a drink with me.

She was very kind, so i decided she was my “tonight’s girlfriend”, and when we were negotiating she let me slide my hands under her miniskirt. My dick was getting hard. Her name was Antho. So we headed to my hotel in Vila Olimpia area for our test drive. I really enjoyed her company, sex was simply powerful because i convinced her to masked sex, but that is another kind of hardcore story. Her service was R800 as far i remember. Two days later we were in contact again, because she kindly gave me her whats and we fixed a new encounter and a sexy shoot in my hotel room, and if we had enough time, a new round.

So, she arrived to my hotel again at around 5pm, it was a sunny and windy afternoon, but perfect for a shoot in the terrace pool. Fortunately there were not many passengers in the hotel, and most important, no families at all, so when we started the shoot, there was only a couple, who left the place few minutes later meanwhile Antho was dressing with this black bikini. She was not a perfect fitness body model, but she was simply HOT as you can see. She had very good flesh to bite.

So the shoot started right there posing next to the pool where she showed me her lovely attributes, natural mid size breasts, wide hips… and that fantastic black brazilian hair.

That was enough for the sexy part of the shoot, because what i really love is butts ! and Antho had a true brazilian butt i had to record in video. So i told her to enter the pool because we were going to make more “bunda style” video and pics with an action camera, which she agreed. So the GoPro with water case was ready and shooting only few seconds later.

When i returned with the GoPro in my hand, Antho was already enjoying the warm water of the jacuzzi, so starting the photos and videos was really easy. And i told her to submerge her butt in and out the water… it was simply fantastic. Her shiny wet skin and the last rays of the sun in that tropical heaven.

To make more specific clips, i had to partly enter the jacuzzi, so i could record her great ass under the water. The bubbles when she submerged her ass, the streams of water falling through her legs. That was an awesome view as you can see.

We had to end the outdoors shoot right there because it was getting windy. And we headed to my room, so we could continue with our sexy production and perhaps a bit more.


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