A true brazilian bunda from Scandallo Lounge

I met this rabuda, bunduda (big butt girl) in Scandallo during the Interlagos F1 week, she was from the interior and came to SP only for that week. That night she was wearing a light blue tight miniskirt that highlighted her massive ass and made lovely contrast with her natural tan. She had an ass with a shape. It was extreme perfection in balance. Of course we went to the room upstairs for a fuck, and she only asked 500 Reales!

She gave me her what’s and we arranged a photo / video shoot the next morning in the Asturias motel. I told her I was a great portrait photographer (maybe I’m not, but I believe it when I have to convince a model) and she of course agreed. She came to my hotel in Rebouças Av. and picked me 15 minutes late. So we headed to Asturias, and she was a new driver, a bad new driver and in Sao Paulo, so we arrived very late to the motel only a few blocks away because she didn’t know how to take certain streets.

Once in the motel, meanwhile she was dressing and undressing, I set my cameras. My canon and my GoPro with underwater case. Because I was decided to sink that ass until the very deep of that pool and jacuzzi. She started wearing black lingerie and stockings. Super hot, classy and sexy.

Then it came the bikini part, where we headed to the fantastic pool. There she was, walking and waddling that fantastic ass in velvet high heels. Then it was time to sink that ass underwater. Oh my god, my GoPro recording full HD her ass entering the water by the stairs very slowly.

big ass brunette asturias motel sao paulo

My taxi arrived when the guys from the hotel were checking our consumption from the refrigerator. Fortunately I already knew the fastest way to Guarulhos airport was the Marginal Tiete. A way the taxi driver made in almost 30 minutes under heavy rain.


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