São Paulo VIP

Are you planning your trip to São Paulo and want to know how the streets really look at night and day, or the exact location of the main boates and clinicas ?

Through our innovative point-of-view (POV) videos of public areas, you’ll not only feel the energy of its streets, hear the rhythm of its night clubs, you’ll also become a part of its vibrant night life.

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Here is the updated list of videos you can pay per view on a VIP private telegram channel, feel free to contact us by sending us a Telegram message , by email contact@trippingdudes.com or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Club – BoateDate of uploadLength – QualityPayPerView
Scandallo Lounge Sao Paulo
Arriving at Scandallo Lounge by Uber05-Sept-20235:18min – Full HDUS$5,50
Cafe Photo Sao PauloArriving at Cafe Photo by Uber05-Sept-20234:32min – Full HDUS$5,50
Bomboa boate club Sao PauloArriving at Bomboa 222 by Uber12-Sept-20235min – Full HDUS$5,50
Casarao Rua Augusta Sao PauloArriving at Casarão – Rua Augusta by Uber12-Sept-20232:50min – Full HDUS$5,50

Special bundle price US$14,90 PayPerView for all 4 previous clips by PayPal. With this option you’ll be able to chat with our customer service about the mentioned clubs for 5 minutes! yes, a real person answering your questions and doubts.


All 6 main clinicas from the Moema area are now complete !

Clinica – Massage ParlorDate of uploadLength – QualityPayPerView
Walking to Clinica Tangara05-Sept-20232:54min – Full HDUS$3.5
Walking Tour Metro Hospital Moema to Clinica Red MassagensWalking to Clinica Red05-Sept-20234:30min – Full HDUS$3.5
Clinica Prime Walking tour from clinica redWalking to Clinica Prime10-Sept-20235min – Full HDUS$3.5
walking from clinica Prime to Clinica dos Carinas Sao Paulo parlorsWalking to Clinica Dos Carinas16-Sept-20234:30min – Full HDUS$3.5
walking tour from Clinica Miruna to Clinica AbboboraWalking to Clinica Abbóbora20-Sept-20233:23min – Full HDUS$3.5
walking tour from Clinica dos Carinas to Clinica MirunaWalking to Clinica Miruna20-Sept-20232:30 min – Full HDUS$3.5
walking tour to Ibirapuera Shopping Center Sao PauloWalking to Ibirapuera Shopping center07-Oct-20235min – Full HDUS$5
Under Edition

Special bundle price US$19.90 PayPerView for all clinica walking tour clips by PayPal.